Automation Solutions

When I use the term home automation I think of my house doing things for me that I would normally remember (or forget) to do myself. There is a difference between providing access to your light switches on your smartphone and automating a light to react to motion, sunset or time of day.

A great example of home automation would be the sequence of events we can program in the event of a fire detection within your home. In an automated home we can send alerts that a fire has been detected, turn the lights on inside and outside the house and even unlock the doors making it easy to escape a potential emergency situation.

Another example of home automation would be to program an exterior light to come on ½ hour before sunset and have the sunset automatically calculated based on where I live.


  • Monitor and manage your house’s interior and exterior lighting from anywhere with your smart phone or tablet
  • Automatically turn lights on or off based on sunset and sunrise that is calculated daily based on your location (no more adjusting timer.
  • Automatically turn lights on when a room becomes occupied and off when the room is empty
  • Control lights based on weather conditions and available light
  • Automatically control illumination when entertaining guest or watching television
  • Turn lights when during an emergency
  • Reduce light switch clutter by installing keypads instead of multi gang switch banks (control up to 8 fixtures from one keypad).
  • Create Scenes for lighting

Climate Control

Climate control throughout a living space can be controlled by a single or multiple thermostat, however, in an automated environment the thermostat can be controlled by the automation system or remotely using a smart device.

When automated the climate in the living space can be altered by outside factors such as outside temperature, humidity, time of year, time of day and other factors.

You can be alerted on certain conditions concern the climate within your living space such as freeze alerts when you are away from home. Alerts provide comfort when home and when away. Having the ability to check in on your living space and control the climate when away from home is an added benefit.

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Home automation systems provide an extra level of peace of mind when it comes to your home or living space. When an alarm system is integrated with home automation the automation controller can be programmed to do extra tasks when the alarm system detects a problem.

Now you can receive an alert that a flood has been detected and the automation controller can turn the water supply off to the whole house until the problem has been resolved.

Lights can be turned on in the house in the event of a fire alarm making it easier to vacate the house in the dark.

Devices such as lights and doors can be activated in such a way that it looks like you are moving throughout the house in the event of a security break in alarm.

Window Coverings

Window coverings can be integrated into the automation system. This allows us to program the blinds to react to weather conditions, outside sunlight and more. The window coverings can be controlled locally or through the automation system from a smart device such as an iPad or iPhone. Once tied into the automation system the blinds can be controlled remotely when you are away from your home.

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